What is Guerilla Marketing?

Guerilla marketing is a school of thought for bootstrapped companies that need to stand out.


Guerilla marketing is geared towards small businesses and entrepreneurs. It focuses on maximizing profits through better relationships between brands and their target customers, who are always well segmented to avoid waste. Otherwise, small companies would ran out of funds quickly.

Most detractors of guerilla marketing claim that it goes against many established best practices. I think that it’s good to make your competitors uncomfortable, because they will tell others how you, the little guy, is giving them a run for their money. 

Guerilla tactics are powered by creativity, hard work and patience. Guerilla marketing aims at creating tribes of followers who can, trough positive word of mouth, help you to build a strong customer base and long-term profits.

Perfection is the enemy of greatness.

The success of a guerilla campaign depends on popular support, beyond buyers. You will soon learn (if you haven’t) that you will make a lot of mistakes. The support of your tribe will be critical to get back on your feet.

Your target customers and the tribe formed by your advocates will overcome objections faster if you include them in the development.


Emotional relationships are harder to break by common mistakes, but this comes with great responsibility on your part.


Mind your strengths.

Buzzing won’t make you rich.


I am far from perfect and never will be, nor will you or your brands ever be perfect. However, I can lower your cost per customer with smarter ways of driving sales.

This is why I am a consultant and welcome the cooperation of specialists to maximize the impact of your strategy. Otherwise, I might let you down.


Guerilla marketing welcomes crowd sourcing, simply because marketing is about your customers and not about you.

Guerilla marketers created crowd sourcing before the term was even coined. We rely heavily on relationships, and are trained in networking, regardless of the medium used for that.

Crowd sourcing allows marketers and the rest of the organization to iterate faster and at a lower cost. Even though crowd sourcing is commonly associated with content marketing, it creates insights that allow companies to reinvent themselves, in order to stay relevant to their target customers.

Guerilla marketers favour retention of existing customers over acquisition of new ones.

Guerilla marketing works best on engaged communities and its practitioners strive to generate long term relationships that will represent a permanent source of income, at a lower cost per sale, because guerilla marketers focus on maximizing your customers’ lifetime value.


All marketers know that repeat customers cost a fraction of a new one, but guerilla marketers excel at maximizing profits by lowering your cost per sale.


Guerilla marketers know that there is no substitute for quality.


When you make big promises, you need to deliver big results to use your products or services as ads, accompanied by live testimonials (customers) on an interconnected community of brand supporters.


A guerilla company needs to do a good job, because doing it twice, losing the customer and getting bad reviews hurt the bottom line.


Quality is the measurement of satisfaction among your customers.

Competing on quality is more affordable than competing on price, because your target customers will have fewer objections, which means marketing savings. If most of your target customers object about your price, you might need to re-segment your market.

Guerilla companies tend to target the high end of the market, in order to access innovators and early adopters, who can lower the cost of future customers (About 2/3 of a market) . Innovators and early adopters, though, demand the best for their money in exchange for their endorsement, which is what makes them relevant to your business goals.


Doing a good job deprives detractors of solid evidence that you are not good enough. Negative reviews are too expensive for small companies.


Just like they can praise your products, innovators and early adopters can complicate your access to the bulk of the market. A strong influence over the bulk of your target customers is a threat to your company and you need to deal with it.


Ambient Marketing.


Ambient marketing provides the best examples of guerrilla marketing. Ambient contextualizes ads with their surroundings to maximize their impact on their target audience, which increases recall rates and content distribution.

Example of ambient marketing.

BBC America:

  • Above the trash
  • New York

The campaign addresses the growing concern among mass audiences about low quality content on TV

BBC America

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