What is Social Media?

Listen to this Post Social media are platforms that help your target customers to either talk to you or about you, on the record. Why are social media important to your company? Because of the insights. Social media let your target […]



What is Cash Flow Forecasting?

Listen to this Post Cash flow forecasting verifies the revenue predicted by a sales forecast, as far as a marketer is concerned. * VAT = sales tax You might be asking yourself why a marketer […]

Medical Billers Increase Customer Worth of Medical Practices – LinkedIn

Listen to this Post Don’t Let Medicare Pay Cuts Impact the Bottom Line of Your Practice | LinkedIn   Medical billers can increase a medical practice’s customer worth, which means extra profits for this company’s target. […]

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Listen to this Post IT’S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR, AGAIN.   Congratulations if your mother is both alive and in contact with you. Cherish your time with her, because it flies and also because life […]

What is Marketing Mix Modelling?   Recently updated !

Listen to this Post Marketing Mix Modelling is optimising marketing tactics, based on statistical analyses, such as multivariate regressions. Marketing mix modelling calculates past ROI or predicts future ROI through historical information, such as transactional […]