My mission is to help you market only what your customers will pay for.

chess pieces

He who wishes to be obeyed must know how to command.

Niccolo Machiavelli

I am an introvert

I love people in small doses. As a mostly remote worker, I seek purposeful business meetings and meetups at nerdventions with e-friends from social media, in addition to offline social activities with friends and family from the regular world.

I simply keep away from crowds unless it’s part of a job or a great event.

I missed my own graduation ceremony because it was my only opportunity to sleep after a couple of weeks working crazy hours as an intern and studying for the final test.

It’s always been awkward to talk about myself, because I was raised to drive attention away from me to favour my work, which is a good mindset for a marketer. Hopefully, you would agree with me on that focusing on our work is positive, because it makes us attractive to those who need us.

and a pessimist

The worst case scenario is probably worse than reality, or at least reality should make you a winner. Everyone around us is self-centered and rule their own reality. Even those who are considered to do selfless good do so because it gives them pleasure.

I would rather understand what drives other people’s behaviour than hoping for the best. Fortunately, enough people love to talk about themselves to find that out.

with multiple interest,

My interests can be random and short lived. However, pursuing them for a while is fun and rewarding, even if this happens in the very long term.

My permanent interests, other than my work are:

  • Independent films.
  • Technology.
  • Humanism.
  • Music.
  • Pets.

which makes me open minded

and Practical. 


 chess pieces

My skills.

Being a communicator means making connections between points of data. It’s not fancy, but it’s my type of geekery and I am determined to make the most of it.

The only way forward is to practice, experiment and stick to what works for now to try again later. I make no illusion of glamour when it comes down to work, but feel better knowing that dedication is rarely associated to mediocrity.

Someone said that a person who really understands a subject is able to teach others so that they can make their own conclusions, instead of reciting definitions from a book. This is true, but I learnt to let some people go.

As most people living in a multicultural city, I am used to keeping my options open. Being an alien is a handy reminder that my work is to create connections (textbook definition of creativity) between groups of people who might have nothing to do with me, resulting in an ever-growing comfort zone.

  1. One-size-fits all is absurd
  2. Individuality creates marketing opportunities.
  3. Marketing is about your target customers.

My formal training is below, but if you want to know more about my marketing knowledge, read my blog.


 Professional Formation.

  • Instituto DUOC UC. Santiago, Chile
    • Bachelor’s in Advertising
    • Minors: account management and media planning

Professional Experience.

  • My Chef Maggie (2011 – Present)
    • Marketing manager
  • Ghost planner (2009 – Present)
    • Writing marketing plans
  • Garment Group (2008 – 2010)
    • Integrated sales force into marketing plan.
    • Created knowledge bank for sales representatives
    • Improved communication between the sales force and the warehouse
    • Created new lines out of previously failed products
    • Improved existing customer service procedures
  • Big Time Productions (2008) – Failed start-up
    • Participate in pilot programme
  • Welcome Valet Parking (2007) – Failed start-up
    • Analysis and recommendations. Failed to convince my client on time.

I included two major failures in my career during the recession, because I own my mistakes and learn from them.

I had many odd jobs during the recession and will gladly tell you about them and my experience abroad, between 2002 and 2007

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