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Why Customerspecs.com?

Because the purpose of marketing is to help others choose you.


Peter Woolvett
Peter Woolvett







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I am an acquired taste.


I listen and think, then speak.


Some rules favour your competitors.



Self Interview.


Where do you live?



Are there any famous people whom you like?

Yes, many. Most of the ones from this era can be found on Twitter.


And from other eras?

They cannot be found on Twitter.


What else do you like?

It depends on when you ask me.


What makes you feel good?

My wife and our cats.


Professional Formation.

  • Instituto DUOC UC. Santiago, Chile
    • Bachelor’s in Advertising
    • Minors: Account Management and Media Planning

Professional Experience.

  • My Chef Maggie (2011 – 2015)
    • Marketing manager
  • Ghost planner (2009 – Present)
    • Writing marketing plans
  • Garment Group (2008 – 2010)
    • Integrated sales force into marketing plan.
    • Created knowledge bank for sales representatives
    • Improved communication between the sales force and the warehouse
    • Created new lines out of previously failed products
    • Improved existing customer service procedures
  • Welcome Valet Parking (2007)
    • Using valet service to promote different venues that belonged to the same restaurant groups.

I had many odd jobs during the recession and will gladly tell you about them and my experience abroad, between 2002 and 2007


What happens if you don’t like me?

You can stop reading, but if you do:


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