About Me

My mission is to continuously increase customer worth for data-based companies.

Why Customerspecs.com?

Because you need to look at the purchase of your products from the perspective of your target market. This will help you to understand what is hurting your sales and whether or not you can succeed.

Brand Values.

  • Assertive
  • Irreverent
  • Open Minded


Customerspecs.com is a brand built on a real personality.




  • Assuming the worst keeps decision makers from favouring wishful thinking.
  • Murphy’s Law is real, but it’s even worse for the naive and unprepared. Everyone who claims to be an expert is a fool who doesn’t know that everyone is a fad.
  • Assuming that something is going to work, because it is a good idea, means that you don’t know history.
  • Earning the most profits per customer must be the only holy grail of any business, because relationships created by marketers cost money.
  • Hesitating to qualify and even abandon a lead if it’s not qualified will hurt your bottom line.



Being introverted means letting my work speak for me by engaging in valuable communications with relevant people, without fluff and loud promises that would never increase a company’s customer worth.

(The above does not apply if you would like to talk about cats, history, films or music)

I strongly believe in segmentation and would not like to waste my time talking to someone who is never going to be a part of my life. It distracts me from better prospects and business partners, along with keeping me from meeting great people, who are unrelated to my work, but deserve my full attention.

Do you also select the people around you?



Always Unsatisfied.

I can always do better. Compromises can be explained in terms of time and money.



Globally Minded.

There is intelligent life everywhere, and I live in a human catalogue (Los Angeles, CA)




It makes me cheery during hard times.


I am an acquired taste, but so are the better things in life.




It’s quite short. I am yet another foreign professional, but my family background makes me blend well due to being able to speak, write and read English since I can remember.

Being multicultural (Chilean Euro-blend) and knowing more languages has the ability to open your mind, and make you look for hints that others wouldn’t find. This is simply because having more cultural hints helps you to think of new approaches to which your target group is not yet immune or resistant.

Why did I move here?

Because of the nice weather and cultural diversity of Los Angeles. I also like to be able to speak English, without alienating the locals.

Have you noticed how many countries lose skilled professionals to the U.S.? They are as many as Americans complaining about immigration, and blaming foreigners for plagues and any economic trouble that they can think of.

During The Recession.

I landed in Los Angeles in March 2007, in time for the Economic Meltdown of leading world economies, caused by crooked real estate agents and bankers, lamenting the fact that I quit my job to come here and couldn’t get it back.

After meeting D, my wife, all doubts went away. 

Though I’ve been working as a ghost (Perhaps I am the one who wrote that plan you like so much) for a few years, I also advise entrepreneurs and executives who post questions on Q&A sites, and help them to understand how they can approach specific marketing challenges from a position of strength. You can read some of these answers on my blog

My skills.

Being a communicator means making connections between points of data. It’s not fancy, but it’s my type of geekery and I am determined to make the most of it.

The only way forward is to practice, experiment and stick to what works for now to try again later. I make no illusion of glamour when it comes down to work, but feel better knowing that dedication is rarely associated to mediocrity.

Someone said that a person who really understands a subject is able to teach others so that they can make their own conclusions, instead of reciting definitions from a book. This is true, but I learnt to let some people go.

As most people living in a multicultural city, I am used to keeping my options open. Being an alien is a handy reminder that my work is to create connections (textbook definition of creativity) between groups of people who might have nothing to do with me, resulting in an ever-growing comfort zone.

  1. One-size-fits all is absurd
  2. Individuality creates marketing opportunities.
  3. Marketing is about your target customers.


What qualifies me as a marketer?

An advertising degree from this place, in my native country, which is only on the map because of good marketers and consistent presentation.


Professional Formation.

  • Instituto DUOC UC. Santiago, Chile
    • Bachelor’s in Advertising
    • Minors: account management and media planning

Professional Experience.

  • My Chef Maggie (2011 – 2015)
    • Marketing manager
  • Ghost planner (2009 – Present)
    • Writing marketing plans
  • Garment Group (2008 – 2010)
    • Integrated sales force into marketing plan.
    • Created knowledge bank for sales representatives
    • Improved communication between the sales force and the warehouse
    • Created new lines out of previously failed products
    • Improved existing customer service procedures
  • Welcome Valet Parking (2007)
    • Using valet service to promote different venues that belonged to the same restaurant groups.

I had many odd jobs during the recession and will gladly tell you about them and my experience abroad, between 2002 and 2007


What happens if you don’t like me?

You can stop reading.

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