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Target markets with higher ROI.

We could increase your company’s customer worth, if we worked together.


Helping LA’s businesses to market only what their (target) customers would pay for.


Why Los Angeles?

  • I live here
  • I love segmentation and profiling
  • I am fluent in Spanish (language and culture)


Why am I a marketing buyer and not a guru, wizard or anything else that’s colourful?

  • Because I research, plan and buy marketing specialities on behalf of my clients
  • Because those names are silly



I am a ghost, as in knowledge worker who writes and updates marketing plans for other marketers, who either resell them or present them to their bosses.

I am not taking any more ghost clients, but thank you all the same.


Why would I do this?

You are perhaps asking why would anyone work on something that can’t be shown, and the reason is simple. I arrived in Los Angeles in 2007, on time for the Great Recession, when finding work was virtually impossible.

I also like to be confident in the quality of my work. I was the only R & D resource in my freelance business, was new in the country and didn’t want to spam millions to get commissions, in exchange for my not yet built reputation.



These are some of my past jobs.

My work has always been to drive sales by improving customer experiences, and promoting them as reasons to buy. In all cases, it meant getting out of my comfort zone and even making a few enemies, whilst finding cost-effective ways to increase sales and customer worth.

It also meant the opportunity to work with great people, who would have otherwise kept their genius to themselves. To Shawn, Paul et al, a big Thank You for your insights and teachings. I am sorry for insisting so much once or twice.




  • (Already explained)

Positions Served.

  • Manager, consultant


(2009 – 2010)


(B2B Hosiery, wholesale. Los Angeles)

  1. Started out by processing customer service cases, which led the company to:
  • Acquiring new accounts
  • Increasing loyalty
  • Getting referrals
  • Recovering lost accounts
  • Recovering lost sales representatives

The actions performed to achieve this were a team effort, which involved everyone in the company. I was the liaison who helped the sales team in charge of smaller accounts to stay on target, which resulted in more sales from both new and loyal accounts.


  • Acted as liaison between sales, management and operations to face opportunities and threats more effectively.
    • Resolved existing conflicts between a few sales representatives and management
    • Created first internal newsletter
      • News
      • Questions asked by sales representatives and others
      • Answers and tips
      • Inventory
        • Available items
          • Direct sale
          • Re-labelled goods (Relaunches)
  • Improved existing customer service procedures
  • Created a standard procedure for in-house image production
  • Executed several direct mail campaigns to maintain shopkeepers aware of our merchandise between visits from their representative


  • Convincing management to go digital
  • Fully integrating the company’s brands

Reasons why.

  • Short tenure
  • Lack of official power

Reasons to leave.

  • Frustration with the warehouse staff
  • Higher paying offer as a ghost


  • I was never given a title





(Startups, Los Angeles)


  • Paid my bills on time


  • Staying longer

Reasons Why.

  • Most of the startups failed
  • I don’t believe in pushing a specific format, regardless of a target’s decision process

Reasons to Leave.

  • Above


  • Sales





(Furniture shops, Los Angeles)


  • I became the first to provide store managers with fresh product information, which helped them to focus on the better selling products and also to up-sell and cross-sell buyers.
  • I increased the average time a person spent inside one under-performing shop by using fresh coffee and small talk, being the latter already provided by the sales team.


  • Convincing management to go digital and take care of on-line reviews

Reason why.

  • I failed to convince them that bad reviews would hurt them

Reason to leave.

  • Frustration with what I considered a stagnant mindset
  • Agency work offer


Contact me to learn about my previous experience abroad.


B.A. in Advertising, with minors in marketing and media planning.

Duoc UC

Santiago, Chile



Should you trust me?

No, test me.