I don’t track metrics that lead nowhere, but not everyone knows where they are headed, because their strategies are not integrated.


MARKETING INTEGRATION AND SYNERGY: Image: wikimedia commons by Hezekiah42314 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://ow.ly/lSTK7) or GFDL (http://ow.ly/lSTN0)], via Wikimedia Commons

It is quite useful to determine the need for leads, based on how many of them you need to make a sale. This enables marketing integration, which is the most efficient way to deliver messages.

The problem with people focusing on calls, clicks or else, is that they assume that theirs is the most important function inside their companies, which is clearly a case of tunnel vision. It is normal for people to behave like this during times of high unemployment, because their positions can be made redundant by marketing integration and need to justify their upkeep.



There still is a dumb competition going on between sales and marketing, which is exacerbated by all the positions inside marketing: social, seo, creatives, analysts, etc. This only increases the cost per customer and creates unnecessary friction among people who are meant to cooperate with each other.

This problem can be curtailed by understanding the specific roles of people inside both marketing and sales departments and how they contribute to a sale. It is convenient to separate the cycle into smaller chunks and establish direct relationships between them, to better understand a company’s current sales performance.

A smarter way of driving sales.

It would be impossible to make everyone inside a company stop thinking that they are the centre of the universe, because they spend most of their time on a single function. However, each function generates specific insights that can be shared with the rest of the organization to create synergy and better plans, which would lower their cost per customer.

In order to get the right metrics, current foes have to meet (online is OK) and check their egos at the door. Of course, this will only work if the people in charge are good leaders and not just people with authority. Otherwise, they will be ignored and necessary changes will be difficult to implement.

What is worse of measuring the wrong metrics is that those in your team with real talent will hold back or leave if they are not heard. Nobody likes to be blamed for what others broke or to suffer the consequences of other people’s lack of skills.

Do you believe in motivation? It leads to success.

What would Lead do?

What would Lead do?


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