What is marketing consulting?

Customers are your main source of revenue. Understand how you fit in their world and you will stand a chance.

There are several causes for low sales performance or high cost of acquisition, and they must be addressed before you buy a marketing campaign. Otherwise, you will alienate your target customers and fail.


Mind your strengths: brief me.


Think of what you do better than your competitors and I will make it relevant to your target customers. They can only think of your brand as an improvement in their lives/jobs/businesses.

If this is impossible, I will help you to find a new niche, change your positioning or kindly advise you to close shop and try again.


What is in a brief?


  1. Business model
  2. PEST
  3. SWOT
  4. 4C
  5. 4P
  6. Recommendations
  7. Shopping list
  8. Links of interest

* Custom studies are available upon request.


What is the purpose of a brief?

Lower your cost per customer.


Customer segmentation.

Product coordination.


Sales integration.

Positioning and Branding.




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